Today was my official first day at Fight Team LLC and to be completely honest, I was pretty intimidated due to the fact that this would be the first MMA gym I would attend. Also, I had no experience whatsoever so I had no idea what to expect for my first class. When the class began I felt comfortable because they understood that I had no previous experience and instructed me correctly on how certain punches were supposed to be done. All the other members were also pretty inviting and did not make me feel like I didn’t belong. Rather, I gained motivation from seeing them excel throughout the class and seeing myself in their place someday in the future. The head coaches Brandon an Rich were also motivating me throughout the class to give it my absolute best no matter what the task was. As they both instructed me, I felt as if I was progressing every passing moment with their support and the support of my training partner. Although I had no expectations of what I was getting myself into, I found the first day at the gym to be very exciting and a lot of fun and knew I wanted to return to continuously learn more.