Today was the first day that Coach let us stay for the sparring class after the MMA conditioning class had ended. I felt like I was advancing as a fighter to know that the coach thought I could at least hold my own against fighters that had been part of Fight Team LLC for months, and some even years. During the sparring session, I felt as if I could finally put what I’ve been taught throughout the classes into action. Of course, it was no easy task to be able to hold my own against the others on the team but I felt confident in myself. No matter how much I was pushed throughout the sparring session I knew never to give up and to keep fighting. The one thing that I knew I was having trouble with was control because some team mates mentioned it to me. It is very important throughout sparring to maintain control because these are your team mates and you shouldn’t be attempting to hurt them in any way. But me being new to sparring, I was not exactly sure how hard I should punch or kick. Eventually through the sparring session I realized how hard I should be trying because the point of sparring is to learn and get better, not to hurt your team.