I was finally able to attend a wrestling class that happens on Saturdays from 10-1pm. Before even getting to the gym I was already excited because it would be different than the normal striking classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To begin I just started to warm up and stretch, but after a while of being there, I noticed some other people from the gym working on Jiu Jitsu. At first I just entered the cage to observe what they were doing, but once they offered to show us, I wasn’t going to refuse. The triangle choke was the first submission I can say that I have ever learned now, and I feel like every time I attend the gym, it is always about learning. I enjoyed the fact that if there was anything throughout the process of getting the choke that I would do wrong, there was the team mate there to show me what I was doing wrong, and how to correct it. We also learned a couple of other Jiu Jitsu submissions such as the D,arce choke and the Armbar. Although the wrestling class ended up being canceled, I thought that what I had learned from the short session we had was a great learning experience.