Last week, coach announced that on Mondays and Wednesdays he would begin instructing a submission offense and defense class. I grew very excited because ever since I learned those few submissions during the wrestling class, I had been hoping to learn more. I had expected more people who attend the other MMA conditioning class to show up, but it ended up being just me and two other people. Although not many people attended, I found the class extremely fun and felt like I had learned so much.One of the submissions we learned was the Guillotine choke, which restricts the opponents breathing, causing them to either tap out or knock out. I realized quickly that this was becoming my favorite of the submissions we learned because of how easily I got the hang of it. In the class we went over many drills in order to learn step-by-step how to correctly do each submission. Afterwards comes the “rolling” part of the class which is basically submission sparring. This was the absolute most fun part of the entire class because I got to put into use what I had learned that same day, and knowing that you are doing it right and progressing is a very satisfying feeling to me.