Throughout this journey I continue to feel as if I am part of a family more than just part of a gym. Each class is about improvement and applying the skills learned during either the sparring or rolling. So far I have enjoyed every single class I have been able to attend and felt like I have progressed exponentially. When I first walked into the gym I had no idea what I was getting myself into but as I have remained consistent in showing up to classes, I have gained a new passion for MMA. Everyday I strive to become better thanks to all the assistance I get at the gym from other fighters who believe in me and my ability to improve. I know that it is not an easy feat to become a great MMA fighter, it takes dedication and consistency. But I believe that I can become a great MMA fighter as long as I continue to be consistent and feed off of all the positive energy at the gym. No matter what you want to do, whether it may be a sport or even playing an instrument, you can not improve if you do not practice frequently. As I have heard from my coach and other gym members, consistency is key.