Now that I have been able to attend these submission classes, I believe that this has become my strength as an MMA fighter. I have learned so much in such a short period of time when it comes to submissions and defending them. It is very satisfying for our coach to notice improvement because every class I am always trying to give my all and it definitely shows. Recently the gym coach has announced that starting the month of December he will be introducing an MMA sparring class where it is going to be a combination of all that we learn in the striking class and in the submission class. Due to the fact that on most submission class days it is me and maybe only two other people, I feel as if I have gained a slight advantage over some of the fighters who have been unable to attend the submission class. Since submissions will now be allowed, I can attempt them and see just how good I can apply it if it were a real MMA fight. If I end up doing something incorrectly, I can always depend on my coach to show me the right way of doing it.